A screenshot of MinnPost's home page from Oct. 1, 2013.

A screenshot of MinnPost's home page from Oct. 1, 2013.

Web Editor/Creative Director

Minneapolis, Minnesota
August 2007 - Present
Former Star Tribune publisher Joel Kramer enlisted my help in August 2007 to develop MinnPost, an online-only non-profit news enterprise. Initial duties involved working with Joel and the crew at Clockwork Active Media Systems to develop all aspects of the website, from page design to site architecture, etc., for launch in November 2007.

Ongoing editorial duties include prepping stories for publishing, art-directing photographers and illustrators, and contributing ideas for editorial content. I added creative director duties to my role in 2010, designing, copywriting and implementing membership drives and other promotional campaigns on the site, in print materials, and on social media sites.

In February 2012, we relaunched MinnPost.com. I worked with the editors on redesigning the site to better match our editorial needs and give the site a much-needed face-lift, including a redesigned logo. Designs were handed off to Gorton Studios, who applied them to a Drupal-based platform.

2008 Regional Emmy Award (Advanced Media)
Winner - Website Design/Usability (Independent)

2008 Society of Professional Journalists Page One Awards
Second Place - Best Overall Independent Website
(staff award)

Logo redesigned using the Proxima Nova font for the February 14, 2012 relaunch of MinnPost.com